Breeding Philosophy

Ideally, the Peruvian Paso horse breeder seeks to produce offspring from his carefully selected stock that best exemplifies the standards of this proud breed. Since every purebred Peruvian horse guarantees its natural gait to its offspring, the breeder strives to enhance this noble gift with the refinement of essential complimentary attributes.

At Westview Farms, we believe that the Peruvian Paso should be bred primarily to enhance his smooth natural gait, combined with lift and termino, conformation, temperament, and “brio” – that wonderful controlled energy, so uniquely characteristic of the Peruvian horse.

These breeding goals are foremost in our mind, to insure that our qualifications are met in the continuous improvement of the Peruvian horse breed. This lifelong challenge remains the touchstone of achievement for the serious breeder. To assure the fruition o these goals, owner-breeder Gene Pepe, has personally selected his stock from among the finest examples of Peruvian horses throughout the world. Evaluation and selection are of paramount importance. There, in keeping with the Peruvian tradition, only the best horses are bred to produce the next generation.

In accordance with this philosophy, and to the extent that we understand and honor the laws of genetics, we will succeed. At Westview Farms, it is our covenant with Peruvian ancestry that forges our bridge toward the future for the Peruvian horse.

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