The Breeder: Eugene N. Pepe

Ironically, it was the onset of back problems that first led Gene Pepe, (a weekend horseman), on a quest for a gentler horse. Mr. Pepe personally researched and evaluated many breeds of horses for the comfortable and risk-free ride he desired. His own experience enhanced his ability to evaluate them for their inherent qualities. Thus it was, that he was drawn to the marvelous, gentle, naturally gaited Peruvian horse.

In the twenty five years since his discovery of the many fine attributes of the Peruvian, Mr. Pepe has focused his energies on seeking out and individually appraising hundreds of the breed worldwide for their treasured inherent characteristics and their potential for promulgating these traits through their offspring. He has been acknowledged by experts to possess an outstanding natural ability to judge and select superior examples of the breed.

Gene Pepe has propelled his personal interest in the Peruvian horse into a flourishing enterprise, Westview Farms. He believes sincerely in this classic horse breed as an investment and business opportunity as well as a source of endless riding pleasure. As the owner of one of the nation’s largest Mercedes-Benz & Infiniti dealerships located in Westchester County, he has combined his own interest and business experience in the development of this thriving horse facility.