Business Philosophy

Productivity is the central theme of our horses that always meet or exceed the ever increasing standards of the Peruvian breed. Our goal, quite simply, is to become a recognized source for Peruvian horses of superior breeding and boundless potential.

In keeping with this goal, Westview Farms seeks to imbue its customers with a shared sense of tradition, thereby providing a working relationship in which the progressive development of the Peruvian horse can flourish. For although we may all be striving to produce that one great show horse, we are still sharing the responsibility for elevating the standards of the whole Peruvian breed to ever more demanding levels. In fact, we are partners in this momentous attainment, by way of a health competition!

One of the most appealing qualities of the Peruvian horse is its great potential as a wise investment. As the popularity of the breed grows, with wider knowledge of the Peruvian’s use for pleasure as well as for show, trail and parade riding, the appreciation is substantial.

Because of its relative rarity in the United States, as compared to other horse breeds, and the Peruvian’s growing legion of enthusiasts, the demand for top quality animals has started to exceed the availability, thus insuring a very sound equine investment. The enormous attraction of owning a Peruvian horse is the conversion of ordinary income into capital gains for the investor. In addition, this investment reproduces itself!