Customer Relations

At Westview Farms, we are vitally concerned with the success of our customers. Each triumph or newly attained goal is a reflection of the depth of our continued interest in your success. Our professional staff is eager to assist you in the planning of your future with your Peruvian horse, whether it be acquired for the pure enjoyment of riding, or a more ambitious foray into the world of breeding and show. Our expert counsel, based on combined years of rich experience, can guide you confidently whether you be a novice investor or an old friend of the breed.

Our responsibility to you does not end with an isolated purchase or service rendered, rather we would like to think of it in terms of a lifetime commitment; a commitment to excellence, to achievement, to growth, both as breeders and owners. We invite you to share our resources, to think of our relationship as an alliance for the progress of the Peruvian horse breed.

We offer and will continue to offer to all of our valued customers a wide variety of services, including breeding, training, showing, syndication and marketing advice. All of our facilities are always at your disposal. We want to remain involved with you and your Peruvian horse, whether it be your first purchase of a pleasure riding animal or an addition to an already established stable. We have an abundance of resources at our command which we feel can be invaluable to new and old customers alike. The dynamic atmosphere at Westview Farms can promote and stimulate interest in the Peruvian breed.